Higher Commission For Arabicization

Address: Ministry new tower, AL-Baladia Street, Khartoum

TL NO: 249-183-249

Fax: 249-183-777654

E-Mail: arabicize @mohe.gov.sd

The Name of the Director: Prof. Dafa Allah Abdula AL-trabi

TL NO: 2491551596092

General objectives:

Lay down plan to arabicize higher education curricula, its general policies and follow up their implementation in collaboration with higher education institutions.  

Functions and Responsibilities:-

The functions of the commission are (16th) items included in commission’s order

As approved by The National Council for Higher Education and Scientific Research include the following.

    1. Coordinate with universities to be sure of the implementation of arabicization’s decision on higher education in Sudan.
    2. Arabicize and unified scientific terms.
    3. Provide curriculum books in scientific specializations taught in universities.
    4. Set up central library contains Arabic and scientific books in various specializations.
    5. Carry out studies on Arabicization of scientific terms and publication of university books to support arabicization and to be sure of its correct implementation.
    6. Put rules for writing, translation and publication.
    7. Assign and encourage teachers for writing and translation.
    8. Scientific supervision on printing of approved books and its publication.
    9. Hold specialized symposiums in Arabic languages to help specialists on writing, translation and teaching by Arabic language.


    1. Commission’s library.
    2. Computer laboratory.
    3. The unit of single scientific Terms.
    4. The unit of writing, translation and publication.
    5. The Centre of preparing university book.
    6. Accounting Unit.

Services rendered by the commission.

   1) In the field of scientific term:

          a) Unify scientific term in coordination with universities, specialists and

             other relevant institutes.

          b) Issuance of specialised scientific dictionaries in various sciences.

   2) In the field of reference books, curriculum and scientific books.

          a) Provide arabicized books, translated or composed through purchasing or dedication and present them to universities.

          b) Encourage writing, translation and publication according to approved translation and writing regulation in the Ministry of higher education and scientific research.

          c) Hold books’ fairs for scientific, arabicized books and support universities for purchasing.

   3) Convene symposiums and scientific meetings to deliberate about arabaicization and participate in arabicization conferences in Arab world such as:

          a) Seventh arabicization conference in collaboration with Arab organization for education, culture and science.

          b) The second symposiums for arabicization’s officials in collaboration with Arab organization for education, culture and science.

          c) Fifth symposiums for arabicization’s officials in Arab world in collaboration with Arab organization for education, culture and science.

          d) The symposium of Arabic language as scientific research language in collaboration with the Federation of Arab scientific research councils.

          E) Arabicization symposium - The issues of present and the future’s horizon. - In collaboration with Arabic Academy.

Required Measures to benefit from services:

The commission offers its services for all higher education and scientific research’s institutions through the following:-

          a) The council of higher commission for Arabicization which its members from the representatives of different Sudanese universities.
          b) Sub arabicization committees in universities which are working in coordination with the commission in all things concerning implementation of arabicization in universities.

             Printed materials and issues.

   4) Specialised scientific dictionaries:

        1- Unified physic dictionary 1993

        2- Unified Chemistry dictionary 1993.

        3- Unified mathematic dictionary 1993- 1st issue
        4- Unified geology dictionary 1994- 1st issue

        5- Unified computer dictionary 1998.

        6- Unified geology dictionary 1997.

        7- Unified veterinary science 2003.

        8- Unified agricultural dictionary 2001.

        9- Unified geology dictionary 2009- 2nd issue.

        10- Unified engineering dictionary 2009 – 2nd issue.

Other scientific studies:

Systems of scientific writing included the following:

        a) Comparison of alphabet ( Arabic- English / English – Arabic )
        b) How to write and transcribe names From Arabic language to English language and how to transcribe them from English to Arabic.
        c) The dictionary of general university terms used in universities’ boards and theirs commissions.
        d) The guide to number: instruct in how to write number, its appropriate reading consisting with Arabic language.

   5) Scientific symbols and how to perform them in Arabic languages.

        E) Publish the first part of mathematic and the comprehensive book of the symbols of mathematic, physics and chemistry is under preparation.

        f) Arabicization of measuring units (under printing) which include:

             1. The units of world system.
             2. The units of measuring used in the Sudan.
             3. The units of measuring in Arab scientific heritage.

        g) The commission participated in translation and issuance of these medical publications.

             1. Clinical pharmacology.
             2. Obstetrics, written by ten university teachers.
             3. Midwifery, written by ten university teachers.

6) The book of head infections, written by Pro. Ali Mohammed Abdualrhman Bri

        h) The commission also participated in the studies of unified scientific dictionaries issued by the bureau of coordinating Arabicization, in Rebate such as:-

             -  Transportation, IT and linguistic dictionaries.

             -  Review and update the unified Biology dictionary printed in 1993.

             -  Dictionaries approved in 7th Arabicization conference held in Khartoum 1994 such as:-

             -  Earthquake, energy, tourist science, environment and the rules of scientific writing dictionaries.
             -  Dictionaries approved in 7th Arabicization conference in Marcus 1998 such as :-

             -  Informatics, mechanical engineering and hydrology dictionaries.

             -  Dictionaries approved in 10th Arabicization Conference held in Damascus 2002 such as:-

             -  The terms of veterinary and terms of electronic war dictionary.

The Number of Employees (14).


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